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I am very fortunate to be receiving the profound knowledge of Vedanta from our Swamiji who is an ocean of absolute wisdom. His immense patience, extreme kindness and sympathy has helped me to progress on this spiritual path of Advaita Vedanta steadily. Om sri Gurave namah!
Vrinda Ramanan
Pujya Swamijis compassion and dedication, while teaching, is truly divine. He transmits the essence of Vedanta through simple and didactic examples that make it easy for the student, not only to understand, but also, find suitable explanations for the doubts that arise.
Pujya Swamiji with his divine vision and amazing clarity of the wisdom of ancient Rishis, is Adi Shankaracharya for us, students and our society. He is an ocean of compassion, who inculcates in us, the vision of Shastra and Advaita Vedanta and thus transforms and blesses our lives. We wish that many students realise the glory of Vedanta through Pujya Swamiji's teachings.
Manik dive
Swamiji teaching method of Vedanta is very clear & concise. His lessons are engaging, useful and he is very patient and encourages everyone in the class. I am so grateful to Swamiji for imparting this knowledge with me.
Hari Om. Since I am an Atma Vidya Sishyai of PujiyaSri Swami Omkarananda, I was searching for a Guru who would be as inspiring as our Swami , and by the grace of Him, I get to know about Swami Guhatmananda who reminds me of our Guru and feeling blessed to know the connection between Swami Guhatmananda and Swami Omkarananda. This is what Guru's Grace , who from the Sookshma Shareera guides as towards Adwaita Moksha. I do my Meditation playing Swami Guhatmananda 's Vedic Chant in the background which leads me to the divinity. HE takes classes with at most motherly affection ; each and every words he utters ,penetrate deep into the soul. Anantha Koti Namaskaram to Pujiya Sri Swami Guhatmananda. Hari Om.
Srimati. Sripriya Suresh